Sell and Rent Back

Selling and Renting back your Property


What is sell and rent back?

If you find yourself struggling to pay your mortgage, there is one option to think about and that to is sell and rent back your property. You need to be extremly carefull when considering to sell and rent back your property. You must understand how it works and the effect it might have on your housing and financial situations in the long term. You may want to consider getting onto a mortgage rescue scheme.

If you're generally struggling to pay your mortgage then get some help from a experienced debt adviser soon as possible.


Sell and rent back

Would you like to sell your home or stop an eviction so that you can stay in your own house? Our sell and rent back scheme is very popular. You can clear arrears and release equity. There is no hassle with moving houses and no stigma of eviction. Your friends and neighbours don't ever have to know that the house is no longer yours.

Sell and Rent back means that you can sell your home but then continue to live there as a tenant. You can then stay in you area and in the home you love. You can then budget for your rent and all other outgoing bills. You can then make use for a potentially large amount of cash. You will have a tenancy agreement which allows you to enjoy the rights that tenants generally have under the law. Everything will be explained to you before you choose to go ahead and so you know exactly what will happen.


Signing up to a sell and rent back scheme doesn't always stop you from having to leave your home in the long-term.

You may still get evicted if:

  • You go against any of the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement such as falling behind with the rent.
  • Your new landlord gets into financial trouble and you could find your home being repossessed by someone they owe money to.

When you sign up to a sell and rent back scheme, it's more than likely that your home will be rented back to you on a fixed term tenancy. When your fixed term tenancy comes to a end, it is generally very easy for your landlord/lady to evict you, even if you have done abosoulty nothing wrong.

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