Facing Eviction? Get immediate help and advice!


Facing Eviction

Facing Eviction


Eviction can be a devastating and stressfull process for you and your Family. If eviction proceedings have been issued against you, it's not to late to do something about it. So if your not sure what to do or where to get help and advice from, at We Buy any Home Now were here to dicuss all your options and give you the advise you need to find a solution for you and your family to stay in your home.

If you find yourself behind on your mortgage repayments, but a County Court Hearing has not been issused yet, you must contact your mortage lender as soon as possible to discuss the possibilty of setting up a repayment scheme and allowing you to continue paying your mortgage off and clearing any arrears off in manageable amounts. If thats is impossible, or have been given a County Court Hearing and have been issused a date for evection, then contact We Buy and Home Now.

Here at We Buy any Home Now we can offer you the support and help you need in this very stressful time. We can buy your home for cash, releasing funds quickly whichs is allowing you to clear up any outstanding debts you may have to relieve some of the presseure. We can also offer to deal with your solicitors, mortgage lenders and offer you the chance to rent your home back.


Contact We Buy any Home Now today and take back some control of your finances.

We Buy Houses For Cash
Instant Decision Within 2 Hours
Completion Within 28 Days
(or longer if required)
Rent Back: Still Live in Your Home
No FEES Whatsoever
We Can Pay Your Debts Off


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