Sell My Home for Cash

There are many reasons why UK Home Owners may need to sell their home for cash. Selling a home in the UK can often be a long drawn out process throught with complications and unforeseen delays.

More commonly UK home owners are looking to We Buy any Home Now Ltd to provide a quick painless solution to their problems, by providing an instant cash offer for their home and a 28 day completion.

Here are some of the common reasons UK Home Owners need to sell their Home quickly without the fuss...

  • Divorce / Seperation - Selling a Home due to Divorce / Relationship Breakdown
    In the one of the hardest points of your life, releasing the burden of a joint-owned property can help provide you with a quick settlement
  • Solve Financial Problems – Take back control by releasing equity in your home
  • Stop Repossession – We can stop repossession in 24 hours!
  • Sell and Rent Back – Release yourself from mortgages & debt but remain in your home!
  • Moving Abroad – Eliviate the risk of losing your dream home abroad
  • Second Property - release your capital quickly!
  • Empty Property – Empty properties cost you £1000’s annually- sell quickly and use the money for other means.
  • Inheritance – Inheritance can be a tough time in your life. We Buy any Home Now can provide you with the hassle free sale you need to move on.
  • Dream Home – Found your dream home? Know you haven’t got long before it gets snapped up? Contact We Buy any Home Now and you could have the cash in 7 days!
  • Broken Property Chain- Lost a buyer? Contact We Buy any Home Now and we’ll pick the sale back up!

A Gauranteed Hassle Free Sale 

We take pride in providing you with the easiest sale on the market today.

So, whether you're a property investor who wants to release some cash or you want to sell your home to quickly to solve financial problems- We Buy any Home Now can help.

We Buy Houses For Cash
Instant Decision Within 2 Hours
Completion Within 28 Days
(or longer if required)
Rent Back: Still Live in Your Home
No FEES Whatsoever
We Can Pay Your Debts Off


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