What to do Before the Inspection

Before selling your house, you may need the aid of some professionals for conducting an inspection and appraisal to make sure that the building is in good condition. Before you hire an inspector, it would help to do some inspecting of your own. By doing so, you can avoid spending money on someone who might just tell you that some parts of your house still need extensive repairs.

Remember to clean
Houses always require regular cleaning. This is so simple that it is often overlooked. The house's cleanliness is the first thing the inspector will check, so you have to be sure that your house is well-maintained.

Check for possible infestation
While cleaning, you might stumble upon certain signs of discolouration. When this happens, just stay calm and fix the situation. It may be mildew or mould, and you can just get rid of it with vinegar, water and salt.

The exterior
Check the roof, chimney and the exterior walls. If some areas appear damaged, have them repaired and make sure they are fit for the inspection.

The water pipes can be very easy to forget. When inspecting your bathroom or kitchen, do not forget to consider the unseen plumbing that connects it all. Check the flow of water, and if you notice something wrong, it might be caused by leaks or other problems with the piping.

Provide Access
This is for when the house is ready to be inspected and appraised. For the inspection to go smoothly, you have to make sure to provide a traversable route. The inspector will be required to take a look at your attic and basement, so be sure to prep those rooms up, and guide your visitor accordingly.

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